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  • Made-To-Last Spring Steel
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  • Curved for Fast Cutting
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What is a Crape Myrtle Tree? There are over 50 types of Crape Myrtle, they are varieties that are evergreen and some that loose their leaves, they range in height from small shrubs to 100 foot tall trees, the trunk and stems are flutes and they loose their bark all year long. The flowers range […]

Most evergreen trees fall under the title of conifers, or cone bearing trees. Their needles, or leaves, vary in length from less than an inch to several inches long. Although most evergreens shed needles, they do not loose them all at the same time.
Generally speaking, conifers […]

Pruning a cherry tree is different than pruning other fruit trees. Image via Wikipedia Pruning most fruit trees is fairly simple. The end result should be a funnel allow equal amounts of sunlight to reach all the branches and in turn the fruit as it grows, promoting healthy growth and maturity of the individual fruits. Trimming […]

Trimming fruit trees requires more thought and effort than trimming any other kind of tree. The goal when trimming fruit trees is to expose the new growth to encourage fruit productions. You want the new growth to get as much sunlight as possible so this will take thought and careful pruning. How to trim fruit […]

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